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Breech Baby
Hi Dr Snow, you might remember that I visited you back in August as I was 38 weeks pregnant and my baby was breech. I was booked in for a caesarean section because of the breech and so I came to you to help me turn the baby. Well after being told by the health care professionals that it was not possible to turn a breech so late, we defied them all and when we arrived at the hospital for the c-section we were only sent home again as the baby had turned! The doctor was very shocked and said that I was very lucky. I don’t know what it was that turned the baby but I’m sure the acupuncture and moxa helped and played a big part. I was able to have the natural birth I wanted and for this I thank you! I had a baby girl on the 27 August and we called her Amelia. Thanks again! 
Cathrine (Text message November 2018)

Dear Snow,
I thought I would send you a little card to say huge Thank You. I am convinced that our gorgeous son would not be with us if it wasn't for your help and outstanding practice of acupuncture. You have an amazing gift which makes so many families happy, how wonderful! Our family is now complete and we are absolutely beyond happy to have our little boy!
I'm sure I will see you soon, Bless
Tania (Birth Announcement Card July 2018)4 years old child cough and sleep complaint

Also wanted to thank you for everything that you did for Adam. He had not slept through the night since October last year and was constantly sick with all sorts of infections, coughs, viruses and breathing difficulties. That has now gone away after having four treatments with you. I can't thank you enough, I'm so grateful that he is now better and without the need to use antibiotics.
Karina (text 14/03/2017)


Hiya Snow, it's Julia here, you treated me about 4 years ago. Just thought I would let you know you clearly worked your magic on me as I'm now expecting my third child!!! Thank you so much! I really don't think I would be in this situation if it wasn't for your help!
(text Aug 2016)


Just texting to say thank you. God has given you a gift in your heart and hands. I feel so much better. Depression stopped and swelling down by 80% in my body. May god bless you with more healing power xxxxxxxxxxxx You are amazing!

Thank you - SK


I have tried to get pregnant for a while; unfortunately I am diagnosed as PCOS which can affect fertility. My friend told me I should go to see Snow, who had helped her to fall pregnant. I am so pleased that I took my friend advice, now I am 5 month pregnant!

Michelle W South Croydon

IBS and Stress

I had terrible stomach for a few years and had many western conventional investigations before I went to see Snow. I was so bloated with diarrheal most days of the week. As I did not want to go through further invasive investigation, I decided to try Snow's acupuncture needle with the recommendation of my consultant in London. I had to say that I could not believe how quick my stomach started to feel normal. As Snow told me my problem is mainly triggered by stress, now I have an acupuncture treatment when I feel stressed.

Keith London

Fertility problem

Before I came to you I thought I would never be able to have a baby. After having had so many investigations and operation which made me so scared of needles, I reluctantly came to you because of 'needles'. After first session, I realized that the needle you use was painless and I felt so relaxed after the treatment. To my surprise after 8 weeks treatment, I discovered that I was pregnant! Thank you so much.

Clare T South Croydon


In some way I am luck as I have no trouble to fell pregnant, but my frequent pregnancies have never passed 20 weeks, every pregnancy ended in miscarriage. In the initial consultation with Snow, I was told to avoid getting pregnant until my BBT(basal body temperature) shown improvement. After two cycles, my luteal phase temperature stayed high, I fell pregnant on the 1st try. Although I had to take some Chinese herbal to deal with my early month bleeding and cramping, I am now 6 months pregnant.

Nilar H. Surrey

Neck Pain

Snow, I thank you so much for removing the pain from my neck, I can now drive again. I suffered for over a year with pain that gradually got worse until I was unable to move my head so I could not drive. After a course of treatment I now have no neck pain and in addition my wife says I have a far better temperament.

Denise A., Surrey

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I do not suffer from the pains of arthritis, my skin looks healthier and I not longer have to take pain killers. I have suffered from Arthritis for a number of years and have been on pain relieving medication for most of those. During my treatment with Snow using Chinese herbs (not the best taste in the world) I have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain and I no longer have to take pain killers. Not only that many of my friends have told me my skin is looking healthier and younger.

Maureen W., London


I can now use my right hand again after six months of terrible pain. Whilst abroad I was thrown full force again the roof of a bus, I thought I had broken my neck. I had crushed the vertebrae on my lower back and lost the use of my right hand within 2 weeks. My GP suggested I have my spine fused or take strong pain killers and wait for 9 months for the problem to go away. Within 3 weeks of being treated by Snow I had regained full use of my hand and suffered no more pain. I have since been skiing and I still have no pain.

Derek W., Sanderstead, South Croydon

Period Pain

I was so shocked the first time I had no period pain, it was very strange and such a joy to have no pain after 18 years monthly severe period pain. For about 18 years I suffered period pains and had to stay in bed at least one day every month. I would take pain killers throughout my period. The third cycle after I started treatment with Snow I had no pain, it was so alien to me I actually thought there was something wrong with me when I started bleeding.

Linda S., Addington, Croydon

I started having acupuncture sessions on a weekly basis with David one year ago to tackle a few recurrent health problems that I was experiencing, in particular a painful knee, irregular and painful periods and night sweats. Over time, I have found that my periods have become regular and painless, my knee has stopped hurting and my night sweats have considerably improved. I have also found that my levels of energy are generally higher than before and that I have benefited from the treatments on a physical and psychological level. I am still having acupuncture session as I find that they are, above all, a great opportunity to unwind after a long day at the office.

Luisa G., London

I cannot believe my daughter now have pain free periods. My daughter suffered violent period pain cramps every month since puberty but now after 4 months of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs she no longer suffers period pain.

Mary D., Selsdon, Surrey


We are so excited that I am pregnant after 18 months of trying. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for more than a year when we heard how effective Snow is with treating infertility. We were very sceptical at first but after the first month I followed Snow's directions and felt calmer in myself. By the third month I missed my period and it has now been confirmed I am pregnant.

Jo M,. Surrey

My partner and I have just celebrated my getting pregnant after many failed IVF treatments. After having been through the excitement and heartbreak of six failed IVF treatments we knew we had to approach this differently. A friend of us recommended me to see Snow. I immediately felt listened to during the first treatment session. After 8 months regular acupuncture & Chinese Herbal treatment, my irregular period becomes regular and BBT chart shown great improvement of Yin Yang balance. Snow told us now we are ready for IVF and we succeeded this time! I would not consider another IVF cycle without supplementing it with acupuncture.

Renne. C. Surrey

General Well being

The World feels like a better, brighter place after an acupuncture session with David. I feel that not only does he treat my body, my soul feels nourished too as he always takes the time to chat about the little (and sometimes, bigger) things in my life that wear me down. Everybody should have a David Purchas in their life.

Heather J., London

Low Energy

I was recommended David by a friend and decided to visit him to address some problems I was having with my overall energy levels. Having never visited an acupuncturist before I was a little scared and sceptical, however David's professional approach and extremely insightful diagnosis managed to put the bounce back into my step in just five weeks. Since then I have become a major fan, and been back for visits for other aspects of my health and wellbeing. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.

Emma T., London

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