Who we are

Our Vision - A community where everyone is responsible for their own health

Our Mission - To create a centre of excellence that supports and nurtures health

Our Purpose - To create a community where everyone living a healthy life is possible

Our Values - Integrity, Responsibility, Commitment, Inspiration and Acceptance

In 2003 Snow Wang established Centred Health to create a multi-disciplined practise where people are encouraged and supported in being responsible for their own health. The clinic is a centre of excellence for both practitioners and clients alike

The main clinic for Centred Health is in Croydon, Surrey. It is very easy to reach via bus train or car with convenient parking. The clinic offers a peaceful, friendly and comfortable environment in which to receive treatment.

We do not set out to replace orthodox treatments we believe in working with conventional medicine to achieve the best results for our clients. As a result, many of our patients are referred by hospitals and GP's.

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