Snow Ruixue Wang

Snow WangBSc (Hon).,PG.Dip.CHM, Dip.TM, Dip.SM, Clin.Ac./CHM (China and Japan)
Member of British Acupuncture Council
Member of Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Snow Wang has been in private practice since 1992. Snow has had many years experience working with and in various GP surgeries, she works closely with local GPs and consultants and treats wide-range of medical conditions, especially Infertility and other Gynaecology complaints. She has treated many unexplained medical conditions and many difficult medical cases succesuflly.

Snow studied acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine both in Westminster University (BSc.) and Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine University Hospital in China (postgraduate Diploma). She has also for many years taught acupuncture at university level. regularly co-ordinates graduates training in China. Snow has also studied with some of the most respected acupuncturists and herbalists in China and Japan.

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